My last stand

Hold up yer hand,
if ya don't know if you'll ever be able to commit to anything for longer than ya fingers,
if the mind lingers,
with fisted,
keep the faiths,
blistered eyes,
and deep fried lies,
wonder if dis could conceivably be,
my last stand.

Put yer feet up if ya walked outta the same tunnel.
The light so bright, 
that ya eyes never adjusted in time to see yerself tripping up.
Taught to tie knots on ourselves,
but not each other.
As the sun falls again,
I have to wonder if this could conceivably be,
my last stand.

Put yer ass up if ya think ya gonna get fucked.
Like Eddie Holman surrendered his love,
in scores of northern cities,
over the last 40 years.
Does that mean I'm a don't,
or a have more than most.
Personal interpretations,
as variable as what's on me toast.
On any given day,
this could definitely be,
my last stand.