Me And My Grace

Not often,
do tears fall,
these days.
When they do it's for good reason.
Right now,
in this moment,
I see now.
Like me father, 
before me,
a similar fucking story.
But I'm better than him ain't I.
Or am I?
Ask me daughter how she felt when I left.
Ask me how I felt when he did.
It's the kind of shared understanding ya don't really want with ya kid.

The difference is,
he'd have never fuckin wrote this.
Not to my knowledge anyway.
But I could be wrong,
and I hope I am.
Whether he still stands tall,
or lies beneath hallowed ground.
I've found forgiveness,
but not peace,
I hope my baby finds in me,
some greater relief.
Through great suffering,
comes great wisdom,
for me,
that's true,

my Grace I hope it comes to you.