Born to a place,
to a mother,
a father as cold as the November day that witnessed this arrival.
Born into a space of conflict and violence.
Forty six years ago, 

Forty six years later,
to the day.
The chill replaced by the warmest sun.
Don't get this wrong,
that ain't a figurative rhyme,
bout times healing properties,
a warm glow inside,
just this body now resides in another place.

Born into a world of infinite chaos,
moving through concrete blocks,
fake oak lined pubs,
pressure drops,
and lands unknown,
reveal your beauty.

Born to this face,
these lines,
the wrong side of sublime,
read this backwards to reveal it's true meaning.
Orange cat ear'd phones, 
does that have anything to do with these broke musings?
to improve ya lot,
not by acquiring more,
but by surrendering,
allowing something in that's been knocking for millennium.
God save our queer as folk,
cos there's nought the queen wants for.

Born to analyse the shit out of everything,
nothing more,
or less,
born to be for the love of Grace,